Outlaw abortion to save unborn babies

I have noticed that people have different opinions on abortion.

And even teenagers talk about and have different opinions. I have several friends that say that it should only be legal in cases of rape. A few people say it is up to the couple to decide.

Other friends, and myself included, think that it should be illegal altogether.

The way I see it, it is the same as first-degree murder, and the same as an adult killing a toddler that I see in the news sometimes. Now don’t get me wrong by thinking I don’t feel bad for the women who are raped and get pregnant, but I think they should still give birth and give the child up for adoption.

Also, there is new technology where the embryo is able to, in the very early stages, be transferred to another woman by surgery.

I do feel bad for rape victims. I just don’t think that an innocent baby should be killed.

Brandon Imler

Altoona Area

Junior High School