Ongoing war putting too much stress on VA

Up until the Bush-Obama years of Middle East conflicts, and with many more to come, the VA only had to deal with the few World War II vets still alive, as well as a small number of Korean vets.

The Vietnam tragedy increased their workload, but their yearly budget enabled them to handle the increased number of vets in need of medical care.

However, these 10 years of ongoing conflicts have taken their toll on the VA.

We have the “Wounded Warriors” with horrific injuries and that are kept alive by great advancements in the medical field.

They are entitled to prompt and preferential care. Now the VA also has to consider a new affliction called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (battle fatigue) that many returning vets claim is caused by their continuous redeployment.

This is the direct result of no conscription (draft) for rotation of troops. And now there is a large group of returning battle-weary vets claiming a new ailment called fibromyalgia.

This is a recently-named ailment that was christened by the medical field due to thousands of females getting old and complaining about aches and pains that cannot be substantiated nor diagnosed.

It was formerly referred to as “hypochondria.”

Now, fibromyalgia is a condition to file for a military pension. This coupled with PTSD has resulted in the VA’s budget unable to handle this volume that will continue to grow.

John K. Coyle