Hollidaysburg residents deserve more answers

Having been a resident of Hollidaysburg for 68 years, it is a special place to me as are the people who take care of our fine borough.

We raised our four children there, I have had an active career in the Hollidaysburg Area School District and have always been interested and active in the government of our borough.

When the Hollidaysburg Architectural Review Board was formed, I served on the board for about 20 years to help preserve and protect the beauty and history of our community.

As a community, Hollidaysburg has had its ups and downs, as any normal community, but on the whole, it has always been a safe and great place to live and raise a family.

Over the years, crime has never been a major problem.

For the past 30 years, much of that has been due to the responsible and wise leadership of Jeff Ketner. As chief of police, the quiet but effective guidance he has given to his staff in maintaining this safe environment has been a blessing for the community.

Several council meetings ago, he was commended for his actions during the recent disastrous fire on Allegheny Street. He was there before the fire department arrived and was able to alert people and help them out of the building.

I was shocked and disheartened when I saw on the front page of Saturday’s Mirror that he had been fired.

(Editor’s note: Ketner was actually placed on paid leave, which the Mirror clarified on Sunday).

It is difficult to fathom. Questions abound: Who is making this decision and on what grounds is this exemplary servant being dismissed? Why is there no explanation or discussion with anyone in the community that he has so faithfully served for 30 years?

I believe strongly that people in the community deserve an explanation of this action, and I hope that more people will step forward and demonstrate advocacy for Jeff Ketner, given his record of commitment, support and tenure with the borough.

Carol Stevens