Hollidaysburg deserves more transparency

My family has been in Hollidaysburg for less than two years, and in that time we have had only a few casual interactions with the Hollidaysburg police.

Still, every exchange we have had thus far with the borough police has been positive and reassuring. The officers display an uncommon professionalism, decorum and respect.

We feel secure in Hollidaysburg. Crime is low, and community relations with law enforcement appear excellent.

While we have no idea why the police chief has lost his job, and we can only assume that there are good reasons for it, we think it is important at this juncture to affirm our support for the police force. We hope that others in the community will do the same.

Unless there has been some as yet undisclosed, major betrayal of the public trust, at least some credit should go to Jeffrey Ketner for a job well done, even if he is no longer suitable for the position.

Going forward, we urge the council to be as transparent as possible, and to consider the morale of police employees and the community at large.

Not many small communities like ours enjoy such high-quality protection, and it is critical that this be maintained.

Richard Latker