Help protect children, pets in hot cars

If you watch the national news, you are aware of the tragic “Hot Car Death” case going on in Marietta, Ga.

A father left his 22-month-old son, Cooper, in the hot car for seven hours. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence in this case to show that this was done intentionally. This father is currently being held in prison without bail.

This brings me to why I am writing this letter. Just within the last month here in Altoona (we all know how hot it has been), I have witnessed two separate incidents that were most disturbing.

On a recent trip to the grocery store, after parking, I noticed the car next to me was running. Looking inside, I noticed a toddler in the back seat all alone. No adult was in sight. I was ready to call 911 when I saw a woman head toward the car.

Even if she went inside the store to just pay a bill, this is unacceptable.

Last week in the Walmart parking lot, upon returning to my car, I saw a young boy of about 6 years old, and an infant in a parked car. The window was all the way down, but once again, no adult was in sight. I did not call 911, but I wish I had.

Be aware every time you park and look around for children and animals left in cars. I will be making this a practice in my daily routine, and I will make the 911 call.

Yes, there are truly accidents, but let’s all help each other to notice and do the right thing.

You might just save a life.

Joann M. Nardon