Gulich Township’s next tax hike not necessary

Recently an ordinance was adopted by Gulich Township regarding a 1 mill tax increase to fund the Ramey Fire Company.

In June, a meeting was held at Mountz Park to outline options regarding fire company funding shortfalls, but this was not the case. The meeting was to inform the public that the tax hike was being put in effect.

At the meeting, Doug Zazworsky, for the fire company, informed attendees that he and the township chairperson had been “working on this for a few years.”

He further stated that Ramey Fire Company is working with an $88,000 plus budget. In 2013, they responded to 120 calls, and that they are permitted to bill for calls although they have not.

The current township budget has a surplus of $117,840; this was not addressed as a way to pay the requested funding. This reflects a $14,487 increase over last year’s surplus of $103,353. The possibility of budgetary changes, such as line items that could be used to cover requested funding, was not addressed. This may include items such as the $8,000 in pension.

This pension amount is due to all of the supervisors serving as road masters and each receiving $2,000 along with the township secretary. Or $12,500 health/welfare line item used for health benefits for the chairman. Any would be viable options to a tax increase.

I would like to remind all citizens that an ordinance that has been accepted does not become law until it has gone through the appropriate actions.

You still have time to oppose/support this one mill tax increase by letting the board of supervisors hear you at the next township meeting scheduled for 4 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 7.

Carla Mullen