Finds jury duty chilling experience

Recently, I was summoned for jury duty for the first time in my life, and I found performing my civic duty a chilling experience.

Not chilling as in dread or horror but chilling as in the Disney movie “Frozen,” and it was July.

The morning I was to report, I noticed it was not warm enough to run my air conditioning, but then again when I am paying for it, I am cheap.

I remembered a couple of years back that my wife was summoned to serve around the same time of year and was selected as a juror.

I recalled her coming home and saying how cold she was sitting in the courtroom. My initial thought was she is exaggerating because she is often cold.

That conversation appeared front and center in my brain as soon as I took my seat.

It hit me like a brain freeze when eating ice cream too fast. If I had to guess I would say the temperature in that courtroom may have achieved 68 degrees by high noon.

I watched others who were probably rookies like me sitting with their arms crossed, with chicken skin, and I also noticed one woman sitting with her arms crossed behind her back just to shield her from the arctic blasts streaming from the ceiling vents.

Once released, many of the people moved to the exit in an expedited manner as if exiting the Titanic just to get outside to absorb the summer heat. One other thing I noticed was the clerks in the courtroom were wearing sweaters in mid-summer.

Now I do realize the judges have to wear the black robes, which could be a tad warm, but I would think a couple of degrees would not make a difference.

If the black robes are too warm, I think the judges should break out the Hawaiian shirts during the summer months.

That style worked for Magnum PI; why not Blair County judges? While sitting there, I was thinking I would have confessed to a crime I did not commit just to get out of the courthouse and settle into a warm jail cell.

Now my reason to submit this letter is not to complain about serving as a juror, but with a county looking at reassessing property taxes, maybe they have not reviewed all options in cutting expenses.

I am also warning anyone who receives a summons during the summer months to get your North Face gear out of storage.

Joe Mercer