Enforce speed limits no matter town’s size

In the July 5 Altoona Mirror, Tony Febbo of Altoona expressed opposition to the use of radar speed detection in “every little speed trap township,” and he cited Duncansville Borough as an example.

As a resident living along Third Avenue, Duncansville, I strongly endorse the strict enforcement of the speed law, including the use of radar detection for our police.

Our borough is about one mile long, east to west, and can be traversed in about 103 seconds at a steady, legal, 35 mph.

At 45 mph, only 23 seconds is saved.

Is Febbo suggesting that the safety of our children and other pedestrians be jeopardized for the sake of 23 seconds, end-to-end? In a larger sense, does he suggest making the violation of the law easier?

I caution friends that Duncansville Borough is a speed trap, not just to save them a fine, but to help keep our residents safe.

The police in our small town should have access to whatever tools that they need to enforce the law.

David B. Smith