Spring Cove decision sends wrong message

I was very disappointed to hear of the school board’s decision to prohibit exchange students from participating in graduation ceremonies.

As a two-time host of exchange students, I know how much work these kids put into their studies to overcome the language barrier, and both kids we have had the privilege of hosting have been honor students.

My third-grade daughter even commented on the hypocrisy of the board and the superintendent, citing the preaching of being inclusive at the elementary school, yet excluding the exchange students.

In our area, I would think that we would be very active in trying to encourage cultural diversity, yet the administration seems to be going the other way with new rules and regulations regarding exchange students.

These kids come to the United States to experience a different culture, and although they do not receive a diploma, the graduation experience is something they do not do at home, and is an important part of a high school year.

I hope that the students we send abroad are treated with a more welcoming attitude than the ones coming to Spring Cove School District.

Skip Jeffries