Socialist education, socialist medicine

“The school is bullying kids into lower classes,” notes Beth Hemenway, quoted by an Altoona Mirror reporter.

Students with a strong desire to excel are being forced into lower-level classes that do not provide the opportunities of current classes.

Downgrading America’s medical system by non-medical government employees seems to connect with government employee-controlled dumbing-down of America’s youth.

Ben Carson notes, “Our poor political decisions are tearing down our education system at the same time Obamacare threatens our health, liberty, and financial future.”

It is interesting that late mathematics genius Albert Einstein was told by educators that he’d never amount to anything.

Most of earth’s citizens know of Einstein’s brilliant contributions to science, but I’d bet a nickel the teachers who denigrated Einstein are barely known outside their own families.

The U.S. constitution forbids authoritarian governments such as socialism, communism, sharia, etc.

Do not allow modern day know-nothings to destroy hard-fought liberty maintained by the blood of thousands upon thousands of freedom-loving men and women.

Rose Burkhart