Provide college aid so everyone can go

Everyone knows that college tuition is expensive, but how many of you have actually looked at prices and let it sink in? How many of you have actually realized the severity of these prices?

When you really look at it, you will realize the sad truth. You, or your kids, will most likely struggle to afford college. Maybe they will even struggle so much that they can’t even go.

Government is pushing everyone to go to college so much, but no one can afford it.

Take my family and me for example. I am a straight-A senior in high school. I’m always on the honor roll, I’m in National Honor Society. I have a part-time job, have never gotten in trouble and have high goals in life. My plan was to start college in the fall at a college I found and loved, but I can’t go. Why?

Despite the scholarship I received and a small amount of financial aid, my family and I can’t afford it.

My parents are both hardworking with good jobs. However, federal student aid doesn’t take into consideration the debt your parents are in. And they just assume your parents will help pay.

Of course my parents want to help me, but they have many bills and loans, so they can’t provide as much help as I need.

Now I’m waiting until spring, working hard to save money and going to a cheaper college that I can, hopefully, afford. Not every teen will get help from their parents, and not every parent, even with a good job, can help to put their child through college.

If the government wants everyone to go to college so much, maybe it needs to do something about the price to attend. We’re not all debt-free, bill-free, rich citizens who can pay out of pocket for high-priced colleges.

Kelsey Lantz