Politicians chastised

Will the Benghazi tragedy which resulted in the deaths of four Americans ever be “put to rest”? Probably not until the Republicans get what they want – their own president of the United States. How cruel it is to use this incident to get what they want yet forgetting the thousands of U.S. military killed in the past several years.

The politicians are acting like spoiled children who will do anything to get what they want. And what do they want? It is stated that over half of the people in Congress are millionaires. The little people are nothing to them and never will be. If they want your property, they use eminent domain and take it.

Local politicians are questionable also. What is happening to the Keith athletic complex? They already sold part of it, but no one seems to know how. This property belongs to the people and should be returned to them as a public park.

Joe Wiedemer