Offer help to abused

Every year, more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States, involving more than 6 million children (some cases have multiple children).

Abuse is considered abuse when non-accidental, serious, physical injury causes that child physical pain either temporarily or permanently. When the child grows up and has to face society, society is going to judge those people despite the hardships in their life. They will judge the marks on their skin or the pain in their hearts.

Those children need to be loved, not judged. We have programs in our schools to help the children, but I think they need more than that. I believe the programs in our school are looked down upon.

If you have to go to a program after school and people know that, people will think you are weird for having to go.

I do not believe that these people are “weird”; I think they are just scarred and need to be healed.

To have people think that abused children are “weird” lowers their self-esteem. I think we should have assemblies with large groups of children so that everybody is aware of what goes on and no longer thinks it’s weird. I also think we should be taught about it from a younger age so that we do not grow up with negative thoughts about it. School is a large amount of a child’s life, and they should feel comfortable at school and around their peers.

Emily Knepp, age 14