Misleading letter shows anti-union bias

On Thursday May 22, we were treated to a plethora of cherry-picked statistics and regurgitated talking points by Cristi Waltz, president of the Morrison Cove Blair County Republican Club.

Waltz wrote in support of Senator John H. Eichelberger’s current bill that she describes as “paycheck protection.”

The senator and Waltz think it is wrong that union workers pay dues, a portion of which is used to support political candidates.

Waltz’s unverified claim is that public sector union members pay 10 percent of their annual salary to union dues. Her crocodile tears mask the joy she and her Republican compatriots would be unable to conceal at cutting the aforementioned state and county employees’ paychecks by 20 or 30 percent if their union was no longer in place to defend them – the ultimate objective of conservatives.

What Waltz seems to be most confused about is whose money is being contributed to union dues.

It’s certainly not hers or the taxpayers as she claims. It is solely the money of the employee who earned it.

They are not cajoled or strong-armed into paying their dues, which largely go toward legal protections that an individual worker could never afford in a lifetime.

I’ve never met a union member who disagreed with this.

If Waltz or Eichelberger have a problem with public sector unions using a portion of membership dues to back political candidates that are pro-worker, perhaps they should take it up with the conservative members of the Supreme Court whose decision in the Citizen’s United case allowed for corporations and workers’ unions to each contribute to the political candidates of their choice.

This bill isn’t about protecting workers, it’s about weakening unions.

Apparently what is good for the corporate goose isn’t good enough for workers’ unions.

Chris Hite