Ward understands

I am a pharmacist; not an hour goes by at the drug store when I have to deal with a denied prescription claim for a Medicaid patient.

The micromanaging of prescriptions, the limiting of prescriptions to six per month, shows that people making the rules don’t understand our patients’ health-care needs.

I find myself wishing for someone in Harrisburg with some health-care experience. The good news is that Judy Ward is running for state representative in 80th District.

Ward has a great background in health care, including nursing, patient care, and experience with health insurance from a business perspective.

It makes good sense to me to have a hardworking, tenacious, health care professional with a business background who is willing to devote her energies to the people of the 80th District.

Judy Ward is our best choice.

Peter A. Kreckel, Tyrone