Ward a conservative who represents people

I have met Judy Ward on several occasions and can tell you wholeheartedly that she is a true conservative and born leader with common sense solutions. Her vast experience as a businesswoman, nurse and community volunteer more than qualify her to serve as a representative for the 80th District. She will serve as a representative of the people and put the needs of the community ahead of her own.

Alternatively, Aaron Ritchey currently sits on the school board. In last year’s primary, a member of the HASD School Board was voted off. When an opening on the board suddenly became available, Mr. Ritchey voted to put that member right back on. It didn’t matter that the voters spoke; he knows better. Do we really need another politician telling us what is best for us?

Let’s send Ward to Harrisburg and get some representation by the people for the people!

Stephanie Wertz