US military nurse corps merit recognition, too

Monday marks the day Americans pause to remember the women and men whose lives paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy.

Speeches will chronicle the perils of battle and pay tribute to the valor of the lost comrades.

On this day, Memorial Day, we honor and remember our warriors and guardians of freedom.

Along with this illustrious group, there exists another group of heroes.

These heroes hail from cities, farms and suburbs across America. These individuals often serve as the bridge between life and death for the injured and ill members of our Armed Forces. These individuals are members of the U.S. military nurse corps.

As America’s defenders trod off to war, military nurses marched beside them caring for the injured and providing comfort to those whose lives could not be saved.

Army, Navy, and Air Force nurses volunteer for military service. Nurses were prisoners of war during wars.

Nurses died during combat or due to complications from illness and exposure to toxic agents used in warfare.

Throughout their service, America’s military nurses are the eyes the wounded look into for comfort and support. Theirs are the hands that adeptly change the bandages on the battle wounds.

The hearts of military nurses weep as the life of a wounded comrade slips away.

While our country may never remember their names, we will never forget the care, love, and compassion they give to America’s sons and daughters.

This Memorial Day, please join me in offering gratitude to the men and women, past and present, of the Army, Air Force, and Navy Nurse Corps for their unwavering service to our military and our country.

Julie L. Decker, MS, RN