Through cooperation, trees grow in Altoona

As chairman of the Shade Tree Commission, with the help of the planning department and all those who helped plant trees in the city, many of whom spent endless hours to beautify the city, only to see this result, is unbelievable.

The average cost of the trees planted is $1,000.

As one can see, trees are expensive. With that in mind, to replace these trees, the city may need more funds in the spring. Rest assured, with the assistance of the board of shade trees, we will replace these trees.

I wish the public would think of what trees do for us. They put oxygen in the air, they beautify our community, they give us shade and, most importantly, they absorb carbon dioxide from our vehicles.

Long ago, my father was interested in trees, and he passed on the tradition to me, which I now enjoy.

I would like to thank the Altoona police chief and the officers involved for their help with protecting our trees. When people come from other states, they see our city. Altoona gives them a scenic view they may not see in many cities.

I would thank our community for reporting the downed trees, and with their assistance in saving our trees and in reporting trees that are vandalized.

Theodore E. Newkirk

Shade Tree Chairman