The president and country need backbone

The United States has a critical credibility problem, at home and abroad.

When President Barack Obama failed to do anything in Syria and Iran, and then the IRS and Benghazi scandals, all illustrated not only a weak president but a weak country to the world.

In the April 7 issue of Time magazine, it was reported that a 70-year friendship with Saudi Arabia is on shaky ground because the U.S. went into Iran negotiating and did not let King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud know until it was made public by the media.

The king also did not like Obama’s lack of action in Iran and Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and Obama either didn’t pick up on it or is scared to threaten Putin. According to Time, it’s the latter.

Putin says he does not trust Obama. I think it’s more the other way around, which has been evident by Putin’s push into the Ukraine. Obama did not react in other crisis with force, and Putin knew he would not if he went into the Ukraine.

The Saudis, according to Time, need us as much as we need them. But the Saudis are getting nervous because the U.S. has backed, under Obama, Islamic Shi’ite Muslims who threaten the Sunni theocracy.

The fact Iran is developing a nuclear bomb is making the Saudis even more nervous. They have read Israelis Prime Minister Netanyahu’s assessment of Iran’s progress and are very nervous. The Saudis said if Iran builds a nuclear bomb they will have to in order to survive.

It is time the United States grows a backbone.

I do not believe the Israelis will not react to Iran’s bomb efforts, and the Saudis just may assist them.

They seem to hate Iran more than Israel, but not by much.

William Snyder Jr.