Tea party must come together to save US

Now that all the voting is over in Pennsylvania for now and the promises are blowing in the wind…

I think it is high time that if the tea party is going to be of any real value, we need to see them unite with clout across what is left of the real America.

It is obvious that our political system has become a real joke. Only candidates with money have any chance of winning.

The candidates are all liars with undelivered promises. Federal government is broken, with little hope of repair.

The two parties can no longer work together without being at each others’ throats.

Anything the feds touch cannot be run like a business venture – Amtrak, the Post Office, you name it.

All have gone haywire while they line their pockets with personal privileged legislation that benefits them.

So, why do we continue, year in and year out, to accept this nonsense?

I have just finished reading “America the Beautiful” by Dr. Ben Carson, who speaks common sense in giving us a picture of what is wrong with government from where we have been in history to where we are headed.

It is brilliant and enlightening that we all need to read if we are ever going to see our government working as the founders established it.

Carson tells it like it is as one who rebounded from poverty to achieve great success.

Now if the tea party would come together, I do believe that we have a good chance to save America.

We are not accomplishing anything if we see tea parties going their own individual ways for they will mimic current government.

Personally, I see little to no hope in 2016 to correct what we have allowed our government to become.

Forget about affiliation:?We desperately need leadership to save us. If we elect any of the current potential candidates to the office of president, regardless of party, what do we gain?

They cannot agree on anything, much less be able to work together.

J. Perry Haupt


Story brings to light significant problem

Thanks to the Mirror for addressing the lack of public transportation (“Thousands in Blair struggle with transportation,”?May 18). It is a problem.

The gentleman you interviewed spoke of his family’s struggle to get medical treatment via the bus.

There is also the young person stuck in a low-paying job because it is close to home and within walking distance.

If a better job just two miles away opens up, it is shift work and not safe to walk or ride a bike in the dark.

Those of us with autos face rising gas prices, lower incomes and shortened hours due to the economy and before you know it, we will all be in the same predicament as the gentleman interviewed.

I speak from experience.

Altoona is a nice town that is probably broke so transportation is not an easy problem to solve.

However, it is important enough that it should be on the table when improvements for Altoona are discussed.

Donna Hott