Story brings to light significant problem

Thanks to the Mirror for addressing the lack of public transportation (“Thousands in Blair struggle with transportation,”?May 18). It is a problem.

The gentleman you interviewed spoke of his family’s struggle to get medical treatment via the bus.

There is also the young person stuck in a low-paying job because it is close to home and within walking distance.

If a better job just two miles away opens up, it is shift work and not safe to walk or ride a bike in the dark.

Those of us with autos face rising gas prices, lower incomes and shortened hours due to the economy and before you know it, we will all be in the same predicament as the gentleman interviewed.

I speak from experience.

Altoona is a nice town that is probably broke so transportation is not an easy problem to solve.

However, it is important enough that it should be on the table when improvements for Altoona are discussed.

Donna Hott