Shuster supports safety for volunteers

Volunteer firefighters are fortunate to have Congressmen Bill Shuster as our representative in Washington. His support of emergency responders is unwavering.

Shuster supports public safety missions at the local level by bringing federal grant dollars back to our local fire and EMS departments. Shuster’s support of the Assistance to Firefighter Grant program has successfully brought firefighter equipment, communications, training, recruitment, retention and safety programs back to his district and right to the homes of citizens who depend on our emergency response system.

All citizens benefit.

Recently, Shuster took the lead on getting a bill passed that saved thousands of volunteer fire departments from closing, because of an Obamacare mandate. Shuster delivers on our Republican conservative values and ideas, but fortunately, never at the expense of public safety.

Cast your vote along with your emergency responders by supporting Bill Shuster for Congress.

Jeff Blake