Leasing city water is a bad idea

Leasing the Altoona Water Authority is a bad idea.

We have heard this before with the electric and gas utilities and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and look at the mess that created: higher rates, poor service and less local workers paying taxes.

These investors are not coming to our rescue. They are coming for profits – big profits?- from the ratepayers.

The rates will double, then triple, then maybe 10-fold by the end of the 50-year lease.

Griffin CEO Joe Harenza tells us the rate increases are protected by a consumer price index formula and PUC approval.

The rubberstamps are already being made.

How about fluoridation??Will we get that also?

We have a great water system, and the Altoona Water Authority has done a great job for us.

We do not want it leased out, and we did not give councilman Bruce Kelley or the other council members authority to lease the AWA.

Michael Brown