Gay and proud

I want to commend the students of Penn State Altoona’s Gay/Straight Alliance who have helped to support and put on the fifth annual Altoona Gay Pride Celebration that we hosted on April 25.

On the political horizon, some say the gay movement is reaching a crucial point in its movement toward freedom and rights for all their members. More and more states are accepting and allowing gay marriages, allowing for civil unions between couples to have the same rights as the straight population.

If we are entitled to those rights, will the legislation that allows more communities to begin to accept gay marriages deflate the gay movement? I think not.

We must stand strong in the beliefs that are ours and realize that we as a community have been painted by many as a “gay community.” We are much more than that.

We must stand strong and unite together to bring about and make this country strong once again, a country built upon life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

John A. DeBartola