Dear city: Don’t tamper with water system

Here we go again: Altoona City Council with another of their fantasies.

Altoona taxpayers, if you have anything to be proud of, it is your water system – the best in the world.

If this sale or lease goes through, you have to vote this City Council out of office. We had the largest rail center in the country. Now it is a thing of the past.

Our downtown is practically demolished and gone.

Now we are going to sell the water system.

What’s next?

They say it will get us out of Act 47, but what got us there in the first place?

City Council, of course.

What are they going to do with the cash? Are they going to raise salaries and wages? That’s nice, but currently 85 percent of the city’s budget is wages/salaries.

Voters must take a stand on this issue and put your foot down hard.

When they use up all the money from the sale or lease, what is left? Not much.

The Altoona Water Authority does an excellent job of protecting our water supply. Let’s let them keep it that way. Also, how many of these secret meetings and phone conversations violated the Sunshine Law?

Walt Nichols, Altoona