Corbett makes progress

As a registered Independent, I have watched the ads that were running for governor.

The Democrats have forgotten this was a primary race and are simply criticizing Gov. Tom Corbett. They don’t seem to let facts get in the way.

The Democrats criticize Corbett’s approach to the fracking industry. There has been no recognition of the thousands of new jobs that have been generated or the positive economic benefits that have resulted.

Since Corbett has been in office, employment has improved, with 150,000 additional private sector jobs. The unemployment rate is and has been significantly lower than the national rate.

We have had timely budgets without income tax increases. After a decade of neglect, our bridges and roads have a maintenance plan.

Taxpayers will recall that during the last administration, the emphasis was on increased taxes and spending.

Gov. Corbett has returned fiscal responsibility to our state. Voters will need to consider these points carefully in November.

Walter Dishman