Congress should work to outlaw puppy mills

Did you know that the animal you bought at the pet store most likely came from a puppy mill? What is a puppy mill, you ask?

A puppy mill is a facility used to breed countless dogs to sell commercially. These dog breeders are in it strictly for monetary gain and don’t care one bit about the dog. Animals suffer when born into puppy mills due to overcrowding and unsanitary conditions.

Often, the dogs don’t get the required amount of food and water or the water is infested with bugs.

As far as shelter is concerned, most puppies stay confined to their squalid cages without getting the needed walks to stretch their legs.

Cages can be stacked on top of each other in rows to maximize profits. A puppy mill breeder will breed a female dog as often as they can without any recovery time in between litters.

By doing this, the female dog produces as many offspring as it can, putting more money into the breeders’ pockets. However, because of this and lack of veterinary care given to the puppies, the puppies are usually born with hereditary defects.

Some defects include eye problems, respiratory disorders, epilepsy and heart and kidney disease. There are many others, these were only a few. Does this sound like the kind of puppy that you want to care for over many years?

There should be legislation to have puppy mills shut down. Puppy mills are cruelty to animals. Puppies produced at puppy mills often have genetic health problems and the owner will have to shoulder the cost.

People should not be allowed to make a profit at the expense of animals. I think it’s time to take a stand and get our federal government to begin legislature to start making puppy mills illegal.

If we get the word out and start boycotting the purchasing of these puppies from puppy mills, it will send a message to the breeders and Congress that we want fair treatment for puppies.

Nena Rosel, Imler