Climate change views go against science

Sunny days, budding flowers and bursting trees show nature coming alive again in all its beauty.

In the joy of that and wonder of the Easter celebration, I felt a contrary distress from reading recent columns by Cal Thomas and John Stossel slamming global warming “alarmists” and doubtful science.

Their arguments don’t hold up to the 99 percent of scientists who believe that the wildfires, floods, hurricanes and extreme storms are happening more and more frequently across the country as a direct result of our changing climate.

I question whether their words are being bankrolled by such groups as the fossil fuel industry who have much profit to lose. Our area may have been spared a catastrophe but one only has to watch reports of these events or a movie like “Chasing Ice” to know this is no joke.

As a person of faith, I find it difficult to accept how groups could put profits over God’s creation. Who would abuse their own home with chemicals and pollutants? How could we do it to the sacred home that we all depend upon for life?

I hope and pray that during this Earth Day celebration, and every day we can appreciate Earth’s beauty and fragility and tell those hurting her to stop it.

Br. John Kerr, TOR