Charges filed too soon in alleged puppy abuse

Upon reading the article concerning the alleged abuse of a puppy by Gary McCloskey (“Police accuse man of abusing puppy,” April 23), I was appalled.

An investigation should have been conducted in full before anyone was charged with this crime.

The charges are based entirely on the word of an anonymous witness who could easily have been lying to try to get McCloskey and his family in trouble.

The Mirror should never have reported on this supposed crime before knowing all of the facts. The article is complete hearsay – some could say gossip – and slandered the names of good people.

Furthermore, Ellen Whited should never have been included in the article. People can think what they want about there being a connection between her suing the police and the charges against her granddaughter’s boyfriend, but at the end of the day, she had nothing to do with this crime.

I urge the public to think long and hard before making any judgments concerning this entire affair. Furthermore, I believe McCloskey and his family – the Whiteds included – should be issued an apology for the slanderous article.

Meghan Darby