Voter ID appropriate

Showing identification to vote is not wrong or too much to ask when you go to the polls.

According to some members in Washington, the Republican Party is attempting to keep some Americans from being able to exercise their right to vote by putting regulations in place that would be detrimental to the low income and disenfranchised.

Why is it that these people have no problem showing identification to use a credit card, cash a check, purchase tobacco or alcoholic beverages but it is such a terrible thing to have to show your identification to vote?

This is just playing politics so that one party or the other can get their candidate elected. During the last election, a woman testified in Harrisburg that it was to difficult to go to a licensing center to have a free identification card done, yet after being driven from Philadelphia to Harrisburg, where the DMV is located, it was just too inconvenient. Wake up, America.

It is time that our elected officials remember that they are put in office to represent the people and not their political party.

Kelly Leydig