Trim foreign support

Maybe Blair County commissioners Terry Tomassetti, Diane Meling and Ted Beam could ask the federal government for money.

Instead of sending $1.5 billion to Egypt, what if we only sent $1.4 billion? Or instead of giving Tanzania $531 million, how about $528 million; Israel $2.9 billion instead of $3 billion; or Kenya $650 million instead of $652 million?

I guess it is easier to squeeze more money from the working people in the United States than to reduce the amount of money going to 150 foreign countries.

I read that foreign aid is only one percent of the U.S. budget, but only a small portion of that goes to the people who need it. The rest goes to corrupt politicians.

So maybe the Blair County commissioners could go to Washington and take the reassessment firm that earns the $125 per hour by re-directing some of the $12 billion for Afghanistan and sending it north to Blair County.

Frank Hunter