Some points missed

The gentleman who wrote “Into the Abyss,” titled Soylent Green movie, only touched on one part of the movie. He failed to point out what leads up to parts of the movie.

The movie was about three issues:

1) Corporations ruled the world. There were two classes of people: rich and poor. That is the thing that corporations and the rich few want. They are trying to control the government, like they did with President McKinley in what was known as the Gilded Age. We need to stop it.

2) Part of the movie dealt with limiting the amount of people in the world by age. Once you reached a certain age, you went to a place to end your life. If you did not show up, they came for you, just like they are attacking seniors now with wanting to cut retirement benefits and healthcare, by the government and corporations cutting benefits and stopping the funding of them.

3) The last part of the movie is the point the writer seems unsure of. This was about food and how to feed the people. Soylent Green was a wafer that was made with people.

Eugene R. Walker, Altoona