Shuster not worthy of being re-elected

Bill Shuster is full of it.

He doesn’t have a positive record for the middle class to use for re-election. He voted against minimum wage increases and voted against health care for 900 uninsured and under-insured children in his own district. Does he really think that the eight million people who signed up for the Affordable Care Act are all Democrats and not one Republican?

If Art Halverson produces even one bushel of corn from each of his farms, he has earned any tax money he allegedly receives. But Shuster has nothing but hot air to show for his outrageous salary, ridiculous health care benefits for life, and a pension equal to his salary.

It would take an experienced proctologist to locate his head and extricate it from its hiding place.

That is my opinion and my reasons why he should never be re-elected.

Romeo J. DeBartolome Jr.