Shuster kidding himself

It’s time to speak up – this registered Republican can’t take it anymore.

I’ve watched the commercials and listened to the rhetoric. Who does Bill Shuster think he is kidding? Do you the Republicans of the 9th District think that Shuster is worried about his health insurance, job security or retirement?

I don’t think so: He’s set for life. He’s been open about voting against Obamacare 40 times, yet I haven’t heard any of his ideas regarding healthcare for the constituents. He is head of the Transportation Committee. Have you driven on any of the roads in rural Pennsylvania other than I-99?

They are in a state of disrepair. Why isn’t it a priority to get them fixed? It might even create jobs, jobs that are desperately needed in this area.

Term limits shouldn’t even be a question, it should be mandatory. The status quo has got to go.

Irvin “Pink” Parks