Shuster family dedicated to service

Shame on Art Halvorson.

If candidate Halvorson wants to criticize Bill Shuster with the ridiculous claim that he’s not a conservative, I guess that’s politics.

To attack our family in his district-wide mailer as “40 years of Shuster Family Rule” is disgraceful.

Since Halvorson moved to the state a few years ago, he wouldn’t know about the 40 years of public service by our family – from teaching in public schools, to building small businesses to creating jobs, to serving on numerous voluntary organizations including church, YMCA and community activities, including my 25 years of volunteer service on the hospital board.

Public service has many rewards: helping people and communities, but it also requires the sacrifice of being away from your family.

So, Art Halvorson, take your political shots at Bill if you must, but don’t belittle our family’s 40 years of continued dedicated service to our area.

Patty Shuster


(The writer is the wife of former U.S. Rep. Bud Shuster and the mother of current Rep. Bill Shuster.)