Sandusky’s wife should take vow of silence

There is denial, and then there is Dottie Sandusky.

Just when we thought the evil was incarcerated and the healing process was under way, Dottie’s denial resurfaces.

Her claims are not only unjustified, they awaken the hurt, the pain and the nightmares of the true victim.

Her quote, “People don’t trust anybody. And all these young kids, all they think about is sex,” is shocking.

Unfortunately, these young children did trust Jerry Sandusky, whom they perceived as a role model, and they were violated in the worst way.

Their introduction to sex was to be molested, fondled and raped by a hideous monster, the devil incarnate.

Lives were ruined, forever.

My advice to Dottie is to keep her obscene thoughts to herself and let these wounds heal. A change of residence would be a good start.

Dottie, a victim?

Maybe, but spare the true victims of these idiotic, insensitive and hurtful statements.

In her case, silence certainly would be golden.

Gary Hoskavich