Ritchey has proven ability to get results

I am writing in support of Aaron Ritchey for the 80th District state house seat.

Ritchey will fight for our conservative values in Harrisburg and work for reform that will create jobs and promote economic growth.

He is a lifelong resident of Blair County and has run a small construction business for 25 years. He has seen the unintended consequences of misguided government regulations, put in place to protect people, but hurting businesses and job growth in our area.

Ritchey has proven his ability to get positive results in a highly regulated environment as an elected member of the Hollidaysburg Area school board. They shored up the pension fund, protected teachers’ jobs, and maintained programs.

Ritchey will not “go along to get along.”

He has demonstrated this ability in the most thankless job of all: school board director. Please vote for Aaron Ritchey on May 20.

Lois Kaneshiki

Blair Township