Reassessment brings far-reaching effects

County commissioners say property taxes are unfair; many pay less than they should. When they say this, they only mention homes. Does that mean homeowners are to be burdened with most of the tax increase?

What about everything from pizza shops to shopping malls to large businesses?

Will the commissioners go after the so-called non-profit organizations who own property? Some make a lot of money. What about businesses who have partial or total tax exemption? Do they pay property taxes?

Many older homes in Altoona and Blair County have been updated in older neighborhoods. Will reassessors consider how many rental properties (including Section 8) or apartment buildings are on your block? Will they consider past and present drug activity? No, they won’t, but potential homebuyers will. These two situations should have people watch how much their home value increases.

People demanding reassessment don’t live in these areas. They only care about what your home looks like and how much they can tax you.

I’m waiting for a commissioner to say, “Your taxes may go down,” only if you live in a chicken coop or the house is red-tagged.

How can a property be worth less now than 56 years ago?

Property taxes go up every year by millage increases. After reassessment, will this stop?

The only way commissioners can make money is by punishing homeowners, many of which will be in older neighborhoods. To make reassessment fair, every building and piece of ground in Blair County should be looked at. This won’t happen.

Homeowners are in for a financial shock. My guess is that taxes will at least double or triple. Having any second thoughts about the money you spent updating your home?

Dennis Shore