PSU board needs independent voice

I’m an alum, have two children at Penn State University and donate both my time and money. I’m invested functionally and emotionally with the university. It is with this backdrop that I raise some concerns.

I find it a conflict of interest to see current trustees openly endorsing and campaigning for a slate of candidates – candidates campaigning almost solely on vengeance and revenge.

I want wrongs and Coach Paterno and his family righted, but then what? Does honoring Coach Paterno help us find Deans, better exploit our leadership position with World Campus, address exploding capital expenditures or declining state contributions? A real honor to Coach Paterno would be making Penn State an even greater university.

We don’t need trustees who form a monolithic voting bloc. We need trustees who are active participants in a rapidly changing world. We need independent thinking, perspective from inside and outside of Pennsylvania, public and private experience.

The endorsed candidates look like the board we have, not the board we need. Trustees should worry about Dear Old State, not Sweet Caroline.

I’m urging alums to look past the endorsed candidates, be independent, vet your own top three and look for diverse, credentialed candidates who have a vision for world campus, managing expenses, expanding Penn State’s reach nationally and globally. And I’m also asking the media to do the same.

There are candidates who clearly fit this profile, and they’re not getting the ink.

Ron Wagner