Protect our own turf

In the light of recent developments related to the unrest in Ukraine, our nation should have an open discussion about our military’s presence on foreign soil and the purpose it serves.

Those who support, and those who disagree with, President Obama’s handling of the conflict in Ukraine seemingly agree that the only recourse that the United States has is to impose economic sanctions against Russia.

It seems reasonable to conclude that the money that is spent to maintain our bases in Europe and in general around the globe, could be spent more effectively.

Our military should not be reduced in numbers, but instead should be posted to bases here.

The money that is saved could be used to modernize and increase the capacity of our military forces so that they can better patrol our borders, skies and, especially considering the fact that we are an island nation, our oceans.

Most likely, there would be money remaining. It could be used to fix our crumbling infrastructures: our transportation and energy conduits, water and sewer systems, dams and waterways, many of which are nearing one hundred years old.

There might not be much for our military to protect, whether land or freedoms, if we do not do so soon.

Stephen J. Verotsky