Pass legislation promoting clean air

As a student at the University of Pittsburgh, I am concerned about the air quality in Pittsburgh and what it will mean for my generation and those to come if something isn’t done to address the problem.

We, as residents, students or visitors to Pittsburgh, can make a dent in the air pollution if we do one simple thing – limit our energy consumption.

This can be done by recycling products that would otherwise be made in a pollutant-spewing factory, turning off lights and unplugging your phone charger when it’s not in use.

Another avenue for improving air quality is to have our representatives support and pass clean air legislation.

Our state legislature has been making positive steps in this regard, but more needs to be done. Interest groups can act as an alarm mechanism for politicians, alerting our representatives of active shirking from environmental legislation, whether it be the power plants or the bureaucracy itself failing to comply.

We also can regulate our car companies, pressuring them to produce more environmentally-friendly vehicles. I believe that the freedom for one to drive a gas-guzzler, undermines the freedom of others to breathe clean air.

If you support cleaner air, contact your American Lung Association in Pennsylvania to see how you can help.

Nick Voutsinos

Stevens, Pa.