Halvorsons’ service also requires sacrifice

Patricia Shuster recently wrote: “Public service … requires the sacrifice of being away from your family” and later points out that we have not lived here for the past 40 years.

She’s right; we were experiencing some of those sacrifices she mentions.

We have known the sacrifice of military separations, the deployment of our children (Iraq included), of having no place to call “home.”

Throughout, we have supported and worked in crisis pregnancy centers, opened our home to those in need, and done mission work. We have tried to live our faith in all we do whether taking in foster children or volunteering.

“Forty years” is a figurative way to disagree with belief in big-government, federal solutions to local problems, not a personal attack.

As another woman who loves her husband and children, I want to thank Patty Shuster for her years of service and support of her family.

Paula Halvorson

Manns Choice

(The writer’s husband is running for the U.S. Congress.)