Halvorson needed

It’s shameful that good men, rightly motivated, must endure the filth of character assassination.

I know Art Halvorson personally. He is a man of authentic Christian faith, an honest and brave patriot who, as a Coast Guard pilot, jeopardized his own life many times to rescue others.

He’s a generous man of conviction who has given up his own time and means in support of Officers’ Christian Fellowship, serving as our president in the past.

He’s also a shrewd and conservative businessman who knows our country is troubled fiscally and morally.

I know of Halvorson’s conviction regarding limited government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility and the unalienable right to life. Serving in our nation’s military, risking my own life for others, and serving these past 24 years on the Bedford school board, I know integrity when I see it.

Art Halvorson is that man, and we need him in Congress.

H. Clay Thomas III

Manns Choice