Concerns over reassessment right on

I agree with Bruce Seiler’s letter in the Mirror March 21.

The commissioners should do what they were elected to do. Tax reassessment is not what they were elected to do. Reassessment is not the way to go when you represent a city that is in Act 47 and surrounding areas that are distressed.

If a person owns their home free and clear (residential), they should not be taxed on this property any longer.

As long as there is a mortgage on the residential property, then taxes should be paid.

If the property is being used as a rental property, then it should be taxed. If the property has a business on it, then it should be taxed. Empty lots should be taxed.

The entire area that the commissioners represent is distressed, and the commissioners should be doing a better job of trying to keep people, whether young or old, in this area.

Commissioners, please look into this instead of doing reassessment.

Melissa Stiffler