Commissioners take anti-union position

The Mirror published an article describing the support for paycheck protection recently introduced by Sen. Eichelberger.

I was interviewed by that reporter and only one tenth of what I had to say was published versus them getting their points across.

The fact of the matter is in the commissioners’ resolution, they stated that one employee devotes an entire day to withhold these union deductions.

The county controller quickly and publicly corrected that falsehood by stating that one employee devotes only four hours to do the entire county’s payroll. This probably amounts to a savings of about $50 in today’s world.

What a significant savings.

We should all be glad that the two commissioners are wasting meeting time to save $50 and spending many times over that on other issues.

The other important factor that will be eliminated when and if this anti-union law ever takes place will be the deductions for charity that union members take out as they, too, will be gone. That will hurt those in need.

Way to go folks.

No union dues are used for political purposes. Voluntary deductions for political contributions (COPE) are withheld at the employee’s request and then distributed via the COPE Committee to candidates that support workers.

No one tells the commissioners whom to spend their paycheck on politically, so why should they tell us after we have negotiated it in our contracts?

Robert K. Kutz Jr.

President, Blair Bedford Labor Council