UPMC missing boat on USVEI deal

UPMC is batting 0-for-2 in Altoona.

First, UPMC attempts to bully the nurses at its newly acquired Altoona Regional Hospital.

Now, instead of extending a deadline for the sale of a property, site of the former Bon Secours Hospital that they can not provide a clear deed to, they choose to put the property back on the market.

UPMC should extend the deadline, work quickly to clear the deed and follow through with its deal with the USVEI and Dennis Butts.

In light of the city being in distress status under Act 47, it would be a shame to allow the USVEI project to fall through the cracks.

The elected city and state officials should bring all possible pressure on all sides involved in this project to see that this does not happen.

UPMC should also give Butts the courtesy of an extension on the current deadline with a first option to buy when the title is cleared.

The issues with the building itself with mold and possibly asbestos should have been reasonably expected in a building this age and should not be an issue or stumbling block to this project.

The mold issues can be remedied in the same time frame, possibly by the same professionals brought in for the asbestos.

The veterans will benefit with this new facility, Altoona will benefit from the much needed jobs and new tax revenues, and UPMC would benefit from the hundreds of new employees and student veterans who will be using the local medical facilities for themselves and their families.

Baseball season is starting soon. It’s time for UPMC to step up to the plate and improve their batting average by hitting a home run for Altoona.

Tim Battisti