UPMC blowing smoke about fill-in nurses

The one-day strike at UPMC Altoona seemed to be a real can of worms according to the news media.

The main brain doing the talking for UPMC stated that they hired 250 replacement nurses and said the patients would receive the same quality care with these new nurses that they got with the regular nurses.

I don’t think so. A new nurse would not be familiar with the hospital and would have a bit of trouble acclimating themselves with such. Can 250 nurses do the same job as 800 normally do? Come on now, how stupid do you think people are in this community?

UPMC is blowing smoke up some behinds, or they don’t really need 800 nurses working there to start with.

No doubt about it, all 800 nurses need their jobs, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did only need 250 nurses for the same quality of care? The hospital bill could certainly be a lot less, but we all know, 250 nurses can’t be as productive as 800.

I thought smoking was prohibited at the hospital, so stop blowing smoke.

Lenny Metz