Stultz’s mayoral tenure off to slippery start

If the first two months of his time in office are any indication, then the term of new Hollidaysburg Mayor John Stultz is going to be a long and unproductive one for the citizens of the borough.

The recent rash of winter storms seemed to continuously dump snow and ice across the region, and Hollidaysburg was not immune.

Unlike our former mayor, Joe Dodson, Stultz failed on two occasions to call a snow emergency, which would have allowed for the quick and systematic plowing of all borough streets. This failure resulted in our streets, including the business section of Allegheny Street, being a nearly impassable mess for several days.

These deplorable conditions were not just an inconvenience for residents and visitors to the borough, but also quite dangerous as the unplowed snow eventually turned to ice.

Hollidaysburg is not just our hometown, but it is also the county seat. The new mayor should have enough concern for us and pride in our borough to do the right thing and issue a snow emergency.

Additionally, alleys that were always plowed and kept clear under Mayor Dodson’s administration were never cleared during or after the recent storms.

Many of our citizens, a lot of them seniors, need these alleys cleared because their garages empty out onto these thoroughfares and they need access in order to keep appointments, shop for groceries, or pick up prescriptions.

Stultz vigorously campaigned for the office of mayor. Likewise, can we citizens expect that same vigor to show in the execution of his many mayoral duties and promises?

Azure Montaig