Obamacare lacks enough care

Due to Obamacare, my mother will lose her current health insurance in June 2014.

On this plan, she pays $200 a month and no deductible. In accordance with the law, she has attempted to sign up for a new plan at the health

care.gov website in order to avoid paying penalties and, most importantly, to maintain having heath insurance coverage.

However, she does not qualify for Obamacare because she earns less than minimum salary of $11,490 per year. Unfortunately, Obamacare only considers her personal salary – not the salary of her unmarried partner.

Therefore, the only option is to apply for Medicaid.

However, Medicaid will not be expanded, and even if she were to apply, Medicaid bases their criteria on household salary – not personal salary – which puts her over the minimum salary requirement.

Where does this leave individuals such as my mother who are stuck in limbo – making too little for Obamacare but too much for Medicaid? The only plan they could offer costs $300 a month and has a $5,500 deductible.

It’s unreasonable to expect anyone earning below poverty level to pay this much for health insurance.

I work full time and could not afford this. My mother is near retirement age and is being punished because she cannot claim any dependents and because she is not disabled.

I’m reaching out in hopes of increasing awareness and receiving help. There are only 17 days left for her to sign up for a new health insurance plan.

Where can we turn?

Dawn Noren