Locals help woman get through snowstorm

I would like to say thank you to my snowstorm heroes.

I’ve lived here three months and have quickly found out that my neighbors in the Hollidaysburg area are much more caring than my neighbors in Philadelphia were. I was stuck in the snow five times in two days, teaching me I need more than a front-wheel drive vehicle if I am going to be driving all day for work.

First is the man who lives behind me. I was stuck in our mutual driveway, and he took the time to help dig me out. That same day I got stuck in Martinsburg – not once, but twice. I called someone I had recently met and she sent her brothers out to help me, whom she called “a damsel in distress.”

Next, I picked a driveway in New Enterprise. I only had a couple of minutes to worry before a wonderful gentleman was behind me with his John Deere tractor.

The next day, I know I should have learned by now, I got stuck in front of my own house. A man and his son stopped to help but soon realized I needed more help than they could provide. Before I knew it, a pickup truck with a plow was there to help.

I asked each of these special men what I owed them; they amazed me with their answers. No one wanted payment like they would have in Philly.

I was told to smile, eat lots of custard, continue doing my job to the best of my ability and get a four wheel drive vehicle. It was a way to pay each of them back with something that mattered to them.

Thank God for the heroes in this world. I was lucky enough to meet seven of them in two days.

Doris Duceman